Curtain Walls and Facades

Curtain walling systems gives the flexibility to create impressive, alluring, high performance, fully functional low rise façades that are visually exciting, both internally and externally. These curtain walls differ from store-front systems in that they are designed to span multiple floors, and take into consideration design requirements such as: thermal expansion, building sway, deflection, water and air infiltration and structural movement and a wide variety of other factors.

At Unisyst, we promise to deliver an extensive range of curtain walling systems and façades which cater to the unique needs of the customer considering aesthetic values of architects and consultants. Unisyst also provides technical advice for its customers on selecting the suitable aluminium systems and glazing to have an energy efficient building envelope.

These include:

more commonly used systems such as the stick curtain wall, unitized curtain wall, the semi-unitized curtain wall and the widely used point-fixing curtain wall systems.

Unisyst also introduces new systems that have revolutionised the industry such as:

Product rage includes

  • Stick curtain wall
  • Unitized curtain wall
  • The semi-unitized curtain wall
  • Point-fixing curtain wall systems
  • Flash Glazed curtain wall

Latest products in our scope

  • Double skin energy saving curtain walls
  • Audio Visual curtain walls
  • Visual curtain walls
  • Photovoltaic curtain walls
  • Membrane structure curtain walls
  • Switchable privacy glass

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